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 Small Business Health Insurance

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If you are shopping for a small business health insurance plan you have come to the right place.  We have been specializing in business health plans since 1997.  Throughout our website you will find the most current information available for all things group health insurance.  You will find up to date quotes for small businesses located in New York state.  New York state is community rated for small business health plans.  As long as your business has between 2 and 50 employees and is located in NY state you will find the current up to date quotes on our website.  We also have many plans for individual sole proprietor businesses on our website.  Please take a look at our New York quote page. 

If your business is located in any other state a custom quote is required.  Every other state is census rated, in other words the rates will be based upon many factors about your employees including sex, age, and location.  Some states the plans will be priced the same for each employee and in some states the employees will each have a seperate rate based on their individual or banded census. 

There are many types of benefits available in the small business health insurance market today.  There are:
1. HMO plans ( gated and non gated ) ( cost share and non cost share )
2. POS plans  ( gated and non gated ) ( cost share and non cost share )
3. PPO plans  ( cost share and non cost share )
4. High deductible ( cost share and non cost share ) ( cost share with coinsurance and cost share with copays with and without referral )

There are also several different funding plans available.  There are:
1. Health reimbursement accounts ( HRA )
2. Health saving accounts ( HSA )
3. Flex spending accounts ( FSA )
4. Section 125 cafeteria plans

Each one of these can have a place in your benefit plans for your employees.

These are just some of the basics in the incredibly complex world of small business health insurance.  And it is only getting more complicated with health insurance reform.  Please feel free to use all of our resources and if you need help please call Cliff Grekin at 631-963-6020 or you can email

We can assist you with all employee benefits including Health, dental, life, disability etc...  Thank you for visiting today.
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