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To view & compare 2019 New York small group health insurance quotes from 1 to 100 employees, click the insurance company links below.  (No additional fees for using us, same cost as direct).  Contact us for Professional Employer Organization ( PEO ) quotes and information.

Health insurance buying options explained                             Self-Employed & Freelancer health plans

1. Oxford Health insurance quotes  (a Unitedhealthcare company) EPO, PPO, and HSA plans are available.  Three networks to choose from, Freedom, Liberty and Metro.  Freedom and Liberty plans gives your employees national coverage(UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network).  Available in all downstate NY counties up through Ulster and Sullivan Counties. Oxford uses the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network outside of the tri-state area.  Oxford will require 60% minimum employee participation after valid waivers( Spousal, Parental, medicaid or medicare waivers only).   Oxford will allow for up to 75% enrollment for out- of- area employees.  Oxford will still allow for executive carve outs.  Oxford Freedom is the largest network of providers in downstate New York,  Oxford Liberty is a very comprehensive network of providers, it is about 10% smaller than Freedom,  The Metro network will be about 25% smaller than the Liberty network and it won't include ( Northwell Health ), NYU or Stonybrook Hospitals.  The Metro network is now SHOP CERTIFIED  and will cost about 15 % less than a comparable Liberty plan.  If you won't meet the 60% participation, you may qualify for Oxford Health through Healthpass,  Healthpass is a private exchange that offers some of the Oxford health plans.  Healthpass accepts any coverage as a valid waiver, so a business may qualify for Healthpass even if you don't qualify for Oxford directly.  4th quarter 2019 and 3rd quarter 2019 rates are posted   Oxford health insurance doctor search

2. Professional Employer Organizations or "PEO's"  are third party administrators and HR partners for your small business.   A PEO can be the perfect solution for businesses in NY with 50 to 99 employees who had huge increases in their health insurance premiums due to the affordable Care Act"obamacare".  Our average new PEO client typically saves 15% to 40% on health insurance premiums compared to their previous plan.  PEO's do charge an administration fee to administer the day to day HR responsibilities of your business, including Payroll, workers comp and workplace compliance.  Our PEO partners can offer your employees large company health insurance benefits and rates to small businesses with as few as 4 employees.  Our PEO partners typically use Aetna or Oxford health insurance as their insurance carrier.  We broker for all the top PEO's.   Contact us for your businesses custom quote. 

3. EmblemHealth insurance quotes  SHOP Certified Low cost HMO plans with a large provider network called Prime and a smaller network called Select Care.  Prime is available for New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester and Rockland counties.  EmblemHealth Prime plans now use theTristate network: Emblem Prime in NY, Qualcare for NJ and ConnectiCare for CT. for all of their Prime network small business plans.   This is a very good network of hospitals and doctors..  The Select Care network is for the Metro NY City area. The Select Care plans do not include Sloan, NYU, the LIHN, Westchester Medical or Maimonides hospitals, The Prime plans include all of those hospitals.   Some plans are no referral ( non-gated ) some require a referral ( gated ). EmblemHealth has no participation requirements for their small business plans.  3rd quarter 2019 and 4th quarter 2019 rates posted.  EmblemHealth insurance doctor search

4. Oscar Health insurance  2019 4th qtr rates  2019 3rd qtr rates  SHOP Certified Oscar offers the lowest cost $0 deductible EPO plan in downstate NY( Silver $0 )starting at $633.81 per month.  Oscar uses the LI Health Network Hospital system, Mount Sinai Hospital system and Montefiore hospital.   In NJ Oscar uses the Qualcare network.  Oscar offers high tech concierge service to keep track of your medical needs.  Oscar requires 51% enrollment after valid waivers.  Oscar is also available in the Healthpass private exchange.  Oscar will now have two networks available,  the standard Circle network and the enhanced Circle Plus network which will add Sloan Kettering and Northwell health system, and Multiplan for out-of -area coverage.    Oscar provider search  Oscar Hospitals for 2019

5. Empire Blue Cross insurance quotes -   Includes the traditional national EPO/PPO network, largest network of providers in NY.   Empire will have plans available with the full EPO / PPO network and plans with the more limited Blue Access network.  Empire will be available for businesses located in New York City, Long Island, Mid Hudson regions.   All plans can be used nationally.  All plans will not require referrals.  Empire will allow  almost unlimited out-of-area employees to be enrolled.   4th quarter 2019 and 3rd quarter 2019 rates are posted. Empire Blue Cross Insurance doctor search

6. HealthPass insurance quotes - EPO, HMO and PPO plans from Oxford, EmblemHealth( NEW for 4th qtr 2019), HealthFirst and Oscar Health Plans in a private exchange. All of the Healthpass plans are shop certified except Oxford Liberty. You can offer your employees Oxford, Embelemhealth( 4th qtr 2019 ), HealthFirst and Oscar Health plans all on one group bill.  Healthpass will accept all types of health insurance waivers to reach the 75% participation requirement, this can be very helpful to qualify for an Oxford plan that your business may not qualify for..  Healpass has a minimum required enrollment of only 20% of your full time employees, as long as at least 75% of your employees are covered by health insurance somewhere.  This is an excellent option for groups in NY City and Long Island who are subject to the government mandate.  Cost conscious employees can choose a low cost Healthfirst or Oscar plan and employees who are looking for broader coverage can choose Oxford and can pay the difference.  Dental, vision, life and disability insurance are all available.   3rd quarter 2019 rates and 4th qtr 2019 rates posted.

7. HealthFirst -  2019 4th qtr Pro EPO plans and  Pro Plus EPO plan   2019 3rd qtr rates Pro Epo plans and Pro Plus EPO plans  SHOP Certified for NY City and Nassau County small groups. Suffolk county available in 2019. A new choice for NY City small businesses.  This plan is a great option to replace CareConnect,  the Gold level plan with HealthFirst is equal to most companies Platinum level plan.  HealthFirst plans do not require referrals and includes acupuncture and gym re-imbursement. HealthFrist includes Northwell health hospitals, NYU, Mt. Sinai hospitals and more.  This is a more limited network of providers than Oxford Freedom or Liberty, Empire EPO PPO or Aetna OA plans. Pro Plus plans include Dental and Vision benefits. 2nd qtr 2019 and 3rd qtr 2019 rates posted.   HealthFirst insurance doctor search       Healthfirst hospitals  Dental and Vision Benefits

8. Aetna EPO, and HSA insurance quotes Health insurance plans are available in all counties in New York State. Aetna requires 60% enrollment after valid waivers, (spousal, parental, individual, medicare and medicaid only) of your full time employees to enroll, to qualify for these plans. Very good local and national network. Very good network of providers, only second to Oxford Freedom and Empire EPO/ PPO in NY..  Aetna will allow for up to 50% of out of area employees to be enrolled.  New! Aetna Saving Plus plans.  These plans will have reduced rates and compete directly with the Oxford Metro plan.    Aetna health insurance doctor search      3rd quarter 2019 and 4th quarter 2019 rates posted.

9. MVP Health Care insurance quotes SHOP Certified has a great network of doctors throughout New York State.  MVP is available In most counties North of NY City.  MVP offers EPO, PPO and high deductible Plans.  MVP currently has no minimum enrollment requirements, any group with 2 or more employees can enroll down to 1 employee,  With MVP your employees can access the national Cigna PPO network in NY City, Long Island and Nationally outside of the MVP, NY state, service area.  In addition you can enroll out of area employees without restriction into the Cigna network nationally.   4th quarter 2019 and 3rd quarter 2019 rates posted.  MVP health insurance doctor search

10. AFLAC Supplemental Insurance - Offer your employees great supplemental insurance coverage at no direct charge to your business.  AFLAC has great short and long term disability policies, supplemental hospital insurance, accident insurance and cancer insurance plans.   For businesses with 10 or more employees, we will have a top AFLAC agent come to your business and conduct a luncheon information session for all of your employees.  Your  Employees will love AFLAC insurance products.

AFLAC's top 4 plans.            Contact us today for more information or to schedule a luncheon meeting for your employees.

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