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Compare NJ small business health plans from Oxford,  Horizon and Amerihealth. P
lease call or email us for a free no obligation quote: Email or call 631-963-6020. New Jersey small business health insurance quotes are census rated.  Quotes will be emailed to you usually within 24 hours of receiving your census information.  Our average new clients saves over 15%,  please give us a try.  We've been selling small business health insurance for over 20 years.  We have helped over 1500 small businesses obtain affordable health insurance.  We are a full service broker agency.  We will take care of your companies health insurance from the quoting process, through the installation process.  And after the installation is completed we will be here to service your account.  You will always be dealing direct with your broker for any questions or problems you may have. New Jersey counties: Warren, Atlantic, Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union, Cape May, Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem, Mercer and Cumberland.

 Freedom plans are Oxford's best plans.  They offer PPO and EPO plans, no referrals are required.  These plans can be used nationally.

 Liberty Plans are Oxford middle option .  These plans can be used in NJ or NY and if they are non gated can also be used nationally.

Garden State plans are exclusive to NJ and is Oxford's smallest network of providers .

NJ Small Business Health insurance Quotes available from:

UnitedHealthcare Oxford Plans
Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield

For New Jersey self employed and individual or family health insuranc
e plans (single person businesses, benefits and rates) please visit our self employed or personal health insurance page or please give us a call for fastest service 631-963-6020. Thank you.

New jersey small business health insurance plans are census rated.  Minimum participation to qualify for a small group plan in NJ is 75% after valid waivers.  Valid waivers include Medicare, medicaid, spousal or NJ family care.  Small group size is considered a business with 2 to 50 full time permanent employees.  Larger businesses may qualify with as little as 50% participation, but waivers are not accepted.  We work with Oxford health plans,  Horizon Blue Cross Blue shield,  Amerihealth and others.

There are many types of group benefits offered to New Jersey small businesses

1. High deductible Health plans -  A high deductible health plan is an insurance policy with a deductible for all benefits except preventative care.  The decuctible for the year is typically between $1200 and $5800 for a single employee and $2400 to $11,600 for a family plan.  Once the deductible is satisfied than the insurance will pay either 100% of all medical charges or a smaller percentage of 90 or 80% till an out of pocket maximum is met.  Once the out of pocket maximum is met the insurance will then pay 100% for the rest of the year.  The year can be set up as calendar year or contract year.  These plans can be paired up with either a high deductible savings account or a Health reimbursement account.  These plans can be either only in network or can be both in and out of network.

2. HMO plans -  an HMO plan is a plan that uses the insurance companies providers exclusively.  These plans have stated copays and deductibles for all services.  The plans can be purchased with or without the need for a referral from a primary care doctor.  These plans can be set up with either hospital copays or hospital deductibles. 

3. POS plans -  A POS plan is an HMO plan with an out of network benefit.  All of the same benefit options apply to the in network benefit options but now the employee also has an out of network benefit.  The out of network benefit will have a yearly deductible that has to be satisfied and then a coinsurance % that will be shared between the employee and the insurance company.  These plans are 20 to 50% more expensive than the comparable HMO plan.

4. PPO plans - A PPO plan is similar to a POS plan because it has both in network benefits at copays and deductibles and also an out of network benefit with a deductible and coinsurance.  The advantage of the PPO is it does not need a primary care doctor assigned for the employee.  The employee can see any doctor in the network either primary care or specialist directly.  Also if the member uses a provider out side the network for care but uses in network facilities, the facilities will be treated on an in network basis,  with a POS plan if the emplolyee uses an out of network doctor the entire bill will be treated as out of network even if the facility is in network.

Health savings accounts or HSA -  are savings accounts that can be paired up with a high deductible health plan.  Either the member or the company can put tax deductible contributions into these savings accounts to help pay for the employees high deductible.  These accounts are owned by the employees and are portable for the employee.

Health Reimbursement accounts or HRA-  Can also be used to assist the employees with High deductibles or any health insurance expence the company wants to allow.  This account is owned by the company and can be set up to assist the employees equally with their medical expenses.  The company can issue a smart debit card to each employee to tap the account for qualified expenses.  This can be a good strategy to lower overall healthcare expenses for the company and the employee.

The NJ counties that we provide quotes for are:

Sussex, Passaic, Bergen, Warren, Morris, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Somerset, Union, Middlesex, Mercer, Monmouth, Burlington, Ocean, Camden, Gloucester, Salem, Atlantic, Cumberland, and Cape May.

NJ Small business health insurance rates, benefits, quotes and Obamacare information.  Please contact us today for no obligation quotes and information.  Health insurance has been our specialty since 1997.  We will assisit you everyday with personal service.
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