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2016 Empire Mediblue HMO and PPO Advantage Plans:

Please call us today to request a kit which includes the benefit summary and the enrollment forms.
The open enrollment for 2016 begins on 10/15/15.  We have the kits today.  

To view the plan description: click on your counties HMO or PPO plan.

Call Cliff Grekin  licensed broker at 631-963-6020
or e-mail for more information or enrollment forms.

Call us today for free and easy enrollment.

 All plans include Silver Sneakers Gym membership.  All plans include part D prescription benefit.  Click the links for a benefit summary and monthly price.  Contact us with any questions or for materials for enrollment.  PPO plans include national coverage.  No referrals needed for HMO plans or PPO plans. The network of providers in NY  is over 20,000.

New York ( Manhattan ) HMO

Queens HMO

Bronx HMO   Bronx PPO 

Kings HMO   Kings PPO 


Find your doctor 
Find your covered drugs 

As an alternative to the Empire Freedom PPO plan that is being canceled for 2016 we are recommending the First United American Supplement plan F+, as a replacement plan. 
First United American Supplements are available for anyone in NY State.  Plan F+ is only $62 per month in downstate NY( most zip codes ) and only $51 per month in upstate NY.  This plan paired with a part D drug plan from Silver Scripts ( $22.90 per month ) is an excellent alternative to a PPO Advantage plan.  With this plan you can see any doctor, without referral, that accepts medicare and you can use any hospital anywhere in the country.  Please contact us for additional details and enrollment information.  Also the out of pocket maximum for the F+ plan is only $2,180. for the year, which is far less then any Advantage plan.  Visit the First United American page

There are two types of medicare insurance.  The first type is called Advantage, the second type is called supplement.  Please read the
Advantage vs. Supplement page for a complete comparison of the two types of plans.  
Freedom is living in the best of both worlds. 
With an Advantage PPO from Empire, you’re free to be choosy about which doctors and hospitals you want to visit without referrals and– you’re free to reap even greater savings when you access our robust network of quality providers.  
What are the advantages of a Medicare Advantage PPO plan from Empire?  
The great advantage of a Medicare Advantage PPO plan from Empire is that plan is that you have the flexibility of seeking care either within the network at a modest cost to you or out-of-network at an additional cost. It’s your choice. 
Plus - you’ll have access to hundreds of preventive and wellness programs, discounts on products and services and tools and kits that can help educate and guide you about ways to live a healthier lifestyle.  
Got a great doctor? 
You can keep it that way. Finding a great doctor can often take years of trying. We know how important it is to find (and stay with) a doctor you trust. That’s what’s great about our PPO – you have the freedom to choose any doctor whether they’re in or out-of our network. And, if you’re in the market for a new doctor, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll find thousands of extremely qualified physicians with established practices and high levels of credentials right in our network.  
Part D (Prescription Drug) Coverage is included. 
As a member of anAdvantage PPO plan from Empire, you are automatically enrolled in Medicare Part D, Medicare’s prescription drug coverage. So you won’t need to enroll in a separate Part D plan.  
What are the costs?  
In most cases, you’ll be responsible for a small copayment when you see a doctor (except for most Medicare-covered preventive services)Please read the benefit summary for all applicable copayments.  You must also continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium if not otherwise paid for under Medicaid or by another third-party. If you choose to use out-of-network providers, you can expect to pay higher copayments for these services.

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