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Stateside MEC Health Plans

What is MEC?                     Stateside MEC Plans enroll today!

An insurance plan that meets the Affordable Care Act requirement for having Minimum Essential Coverage.


Why Stateside?

Stateside provides you with a compliant way to access wellness and preventative services with no co-pays or deductibles.

Stateside covers medical benefits such as doctor visits, specialists, X-rays, labs Hospitalization and prescriptions.


MEC Plus - $0 deductible plan, Includes hospital coverage, prescription coverage, Primary and Specialist Dr. visits at very low co-pays.  Also includes Diagnostic tests, Immunizations and free preventative care. 

 Benefit summary    Schedule of benefits   Plan Brochure

Age Member Only Member plus Spouse Member plus Children Member plus Family
18 - 39 327.65per Month
579.10per Month
601.88per Month
758.49per Month
40 - 49 383.49per Month
690.87per Month
721.34per Month
909.75per Month
50 - 59 556.57per Month
1037.05per Month
1091.59per Month
1378.18per Month
60 - 64 686.01per Month
1295.93per Month
1368.62per Month
1728.80per Month

MEC Plus enroll today

Stateside Advantages:

Nationwide PPO network ( PHCS )

Accepted by most major hospitals

Unlimited doctor visits

Zero deductible plans are available

Accepted in all 50 states

Available for purchase 365 days a year.

Includes over 50 free wellness tests

Includes over 40 Vaccines

Seven plans to choose from, buy only what you need.


Major exclusions:


Scheduled Surgery

Read the benefit summary, plan brochure and schedule of benefits for all MEC Plus exclusions.


All other MEC plan options are on the enrollment website with their own exclusions.




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