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Connecticut small business health insurance guidelines

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Connecticut health insurance companies must sell small business health insurance to any small business.

Qualifying Connecticut small businesses must be offered the same health insurance sold to other Connecticut small business. To be eligible a small business must have employees totalling between 2 and 50.

Also, employees must meet a minimum level of participation in order to qualify for Connecticut small business health insurance. Depending upon the health insurance company, a percentage of employees must purchase the policy or the Connecticut small business health insurance policy will be terminated.

Furthermore, the employer might be asked to contribute a minimum amount toward each employee's premiums before the health insurance company agrees to sell him

If both requirements are met, Connecticut health insurance companies must sell health insurance to any small business that applies.

On a different note, the cost of Connecticut small business health insurance is only slightly limited. The price of Connecticut small business health insurance can fluctuate due to the age, gender or health status of the employees, but within boundaries.  The policies will have banded rates based on age groups and gender

Finally, as with individual health insurance policies, illness can not be used as grounds for terminating an Connecticut small business health insurance policy.

Self-employed Connecticut health insurance

States handle health insurance for the self-employed differently. In Connecticut, if you are the sole employee and owner of a business, you can still purchase an Connecticut small business health insurance policy.

This means youa lso enjoy all the same health insurance protections that small businesses do.

Although you will be solely responsible for purchasing your health insurance, there is one great advantage. As a self-employed business owner, you are eligible to deduct a portion of your Connecticut health insurance premiums from your taxes. If you itemize your tax deduction, up to 80% of your premiums can be deducted.

In Connecticut we offer quotes from: Oxford Health plans, Aetna, Unitedhealthcare, Connecticare, Cigna and others.

The counties that we service are:

Fairfield, New Haven, Litchfield, Hartford, Tolland, Windham, Middlesex, and New London.

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