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Health Insurance plans for NY small businesses. 
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No broker fees for small business plans(compensation paid by insurance carrier) 

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2015 Annual enrollment for small businesses begins November 15 and ends December 15, 2014 for a January 1, 2015 effective date.  All carriers will have to accept all applications submitted without regards to normal participation rules.  The carriers will still require payroll verification of employment.  Rates and plans will be available soon.
4th quarter 2014 rates are currently posted.

1.  Oxford Health quotes  (a Unitedhealthcare company) EPO, PPO, HMO and HSA plans are available.  Two great networks to choose from, Freedom and Liberty.  These insurance plans give your employees national coverage(UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network).  Available in all downstate NY counties up through Ulster and Sullivan Counties. Uses the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network outside of the tri-state area.   Beginning 1/1/15 Oxford will now require 60% minimum employee participation after valid waivers( Spousal or medicare waivers only ).  Oxford will allow for up to 75% enrollment of out of area employees, this will be good for groups terminating from Empire with high out of area employee enrollment. Oxford will still allow for executive carve outs, but Oxford has to be the sole insurance company for the business.   3rd quarter and 4th quarter rates posted.   Oxford Freedom is the largest network of providers in downstate New York,  Oxford Liberty is a very comprehensive network of providers, it is about 25% smaller than Freedom.   Oxford doctor search    Oxford 2014 product chart  approved rate increase for 2015 is 3.21%  2015 rates are available, please call today.

Oxford Health Plans Liberty HMO quotes  (a UnitedHealthcare company) is a very low cost traditional HMO plan with low copays and a very good network of providers. Can enroll down to one employee from groups of 2 to 50 employees.  Available in all downstate counties ( Nassau, Suffolk, New York City, Westchester, Orange, Putnam, Rockland and Dutchess Counties).  The Liberty HMO still has no participation requirements,  These plans do not use the Unitedhealthcare network of providers nationally.  This is the best health insurance option for groups that will be enrolling less than 50% of full time employees after valid waivers. 4th quarter 2014 rates posted.   Oxford doctor search    approved rate increase for 2015 is 8.79%

2. Aetna EPO, PPO and HSA quotes Health insurance plans are available in all counties in New York State. Aetna requires 60% enrollment after valid waivers, (spousal and medicare only) of your full time employees to enroll to qualify for these plans. Very good local and national network.  3rd and 4th quarter 2014 rates posted.   Very good network of providers, only second to Oxford Freedom in NY. Aetna will allow for up to 50% of out of area employees to be enrolled.  Approved rate increase for 2015 is 10.19%
 Aetna doctor search

2a. Aetna NYC Community plans are low cost Health insurance plans for businesses located within New York City only.  Approximately 25% of the NYC Aetna providers accept this plan with a co-payment.  You can use the Aetna national network with this plan but you will pay the providers  Aetna's contracted rates, not a co-pay.  These plans will enroll down to one employee from groups of 2 to 50 employees.    Aetna NYC Community doc finder flyer   4th quarter 2014 rates posted.    approved rate increase for 2015 is 7.98%

3. Health Republic Insurance (affiliated with the Freelancers Union) -  Will service small businesses and individuals on and off exchange.  Beginning 1/1/15 effective date, Health Republic will no longer have any participation requirements.  HR's service area is New York City, Long Island, Hudson Valley , Albany area and a few counties in Western NY.  These plans will use a version of the Magnacare PPO Network of providers.  Call us for the latest information.  These plans are very low cost high value plans.  These plans will not include The North Shore LIJ hospital system or the Hospital For Special Surgery.  Health Republic doctor search  All of these plans are also available on an individual basis.  3rd quarter and 4th quarter 2014 rates are the same rates, posted.  Health Republic will allow for employees in NJ and CT to enroll in a NY small business plan.
approved rate increase for 2015 is 3.36%  2015 rates are available please call today.

4. Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield -  Empire will be available for downstate NY and the Albany and Mid Hudson areas.  Empire will be offering a local network of providers called Empire Pathway.  Pathway will be a reduced network of providers.   The Pathway network will only include 3 or 4 hospitals per county. If enrolled in one of the EPO options, access is granted to the national Blue Card network when travelling outside of the NY area.  Empire will allow up to 40% enrollment for employees in other states if using one of the EPO plans.  All plans do require referrals.  Empire Blue Cross doctor search  1st quarter and 2nd quarter 2014 rates posted.  approved rate increase for 2015 is 11.87%

5.  North Shore-LIJ Care Connect - Will offer insurance plans using the North Shore-LIJ hospital system and the affiliated doctors.  Plans for small businesses and individuals will be offered. Beginning 1/1/15  NS LIJ Care Connect will have no participation requirements.   North Shore-LIJ Care Connect doctor search  4th quarter 2014 rates posted.  approved rate decrease for 2015 is -14.61%   2015 rates are available please call today.

6. Emblem HIP select care plans are some of New York City's lowest cost plans.  Available for Long Island, New York City, Rockland, Orange and Westchester small businesses only. Emblem plans now use the old HIP center network in conjunction with the AdvantageCare Physicians group network. This new network is call HIP SelectCare.   3rd quarter and 4th quarter 2014 rates posted.  EmblemHealth doctor search  Please use one of the exchange plans metalic network links.  approved rate increase for 2015 is 10.32%

Small Business Health insurance quotes for upstate New York: 

 7. MVP Health Care has a good network of doctors throughout New York State.  MVP is available In most counties North of NY City.  MVP EPO, PPO and high deductible Plans. MVP currently has no minimum enrollment requirements, any group with 2 or more employees can enroll down to 1 employee,  in addition you can enroll out of area employees without restriction into the Cigna network nationally.    3rd quarter and 4th quarter 2014 rates posted.  MVP doctor search  approved rate increase for 2015 is 11.76%

8. CDPHP: Has PPO, EPO, HMO and high deductible health plans with very low rates available for eastern and Central NYstate. CDPHP is the highest rated health insurance company in NY state. These high deductible plans are the lowest cost health plans available anywhere in NY. CDPHP has the most flexibility for deductibles and copays of any NY insurer. Their EPO plans offer a good value with low rates in Eastern and Central New York State. These plans will require a minimum of 50% enrollment of all full time employees to qualify.  HMO plans have no participation requirements.  Contact me for additional customized quotes. Very good, no referral coverage, with national network access using the First health national network outside of New York. NY city , long island, Westchester and Rockland use the Magnacare network of providers.  3rd quarter and 4th quarter 2014 rates are posted  CDPHP doctor search approved rate increase for 2015 is 8.92%

9.  UnitedHealthcare Is one of the largest health insurance companies in the country.  Very good local and national network.  Available in all New York counties in upstate NY North and West of Ulster and Sullivan Counties, all other downstate New York counties are serviced by Oxford Health Plans ( a UnitedHealthcare company )UnitedHealthCare now offers 3 plans in downstate NY in conjunction with the LIJ-NS Care Connect network call or write for details.   .   3rd quarter and 4th quarter 2014 rates posted.  UnitedHealthCare doctor search  approved rate increase for 2015 is 2.12%

10. Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield Has PPO and High deductible plans in three regions in NY state ( Utica region, Syracuse region and the Rochester region)  These three regions cover from Delaware county up to Clinton county and as far west as Stueben, Monroe and Livingston Counties.  Excellus also offers individual plans in these areas.  Excellus require 75% participation after valid waivers.  3rd and 4th quarter 2014 rates posted.  Excellus Blue Cross doctor search  approved rate increase for 2015 is 12.20%  

11. Univera Healthcare  Buffalo region (Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie, Genesee, Niagara, Orleans, and Wyoming counties).  Univera also offers individual plans in these counties contact me for quotes. Univera is a subsidiary of Excellus Blue Cross.  Univera offers EPO, PPO and High deductible health plans.    Univera requires 75% participation after vaild waivers. 4th quarter 2014 rates posted.   Univera Healthcare doctor search  approved rate increase for 2015 is 12.20%

2014 Health insurance Exchange rates for individuals and small businesses 

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Here are just a few of the small business health insurance companies and organizations that we represent.
HIP of New YorkCignaEmpire Blue Cross Blue ShieldAetna  Oxford Group Health InsuranceLIAHeath AllianceHeath Pass New YorkEmblemHeathy NYAARP.org 


The regions that we service are:

Albany,  Buffalo, New York City, Long Island, Mid Hudson, Rochester, Syracuse, Utica and Watertown.

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insurance plans from Oxford Health,
Aetna, Health Republic, CDPHP,
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